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How can I enter player names and other game details from an otb game?

Asked by cinespire
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I play a weekly over the board game where I write down the notation. I know I can enter the moves on the analysis board for import and computer analysis, but I don't know how to enter the other pgn information, such as names, date, location, etc.
One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
It's quite simple, you just put in the tags you need, or use one of the PGN makers you can find online.

Here's a complete guide:

You can take a look at "2.3: A sample PGN game" and get a pretty good idea of how it's done.

Specifically for names, date and location:
[White "white's name here"]
[Black "black's name here"]
[Date "date here"]
[Site "location here"]
cinespire commented :
That method certainly works if I was typing the moves in, but I was hoping to enter the moves on a board, and type in the remaining info to generate a pgn on LiChess. I've been generating pgn's from Caissa, which allows me copy and paste them into the game import window. I was just hoping to save a step on another site.
DoTheMath commented :
Play out your game on (Tools>Analysis board), copy the PGN, go to (Tools>Import game), paste the PGN and write in your desired tags.
The process is fairly quick, you'll find.
sotadas commented :
I can't write the tags. Every time I click on the tags, all the PGN text is selected (like for copying) but I cannot change it.

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