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Is there a way to export the private game notes with the game itself (as a part of the pgn file)?

Asked by upsilonchess
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I would like to know if it is possible to export my games together with the private notes I write on the "Notes" tab that is right next to the "Chat" tab. I use the private notes section to review my games, basically commenting my moves, how the game went and comparing my analysis to what the computer analysis says. When I export my games, the file I obtain only contains the moves and the clock time for each player, is there a way to also export my notes with each game?

One answer
Answered by DoTheMath
Not practically, no. While there are some workarounds, I'd suggest you use standard means of annotating in a PGN, and comment on corresponding moves. Alternatively, you can add the entire thing as a comment at some part of the PGN.
You add comments to moves by writing them within braces {} after a move (e.g. )
If you want a simpler way, you can use Study to analyze and annotate your games (Learn>Study or Menu>Study on Analysis board of the game you want to analyze).

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