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In the "Study" feature, what exactly do the "Sync" and "Record" buttons do?

Asked by la_gear
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In the "Study" feature, what exactly do the "Sync" and "Record" buttons do? What is being synced and recorded and to where? How would I or anyone else make use of these buttons?

I searched but didn't find an explanation, thanks.
2 Answers
Answered by checkmate-master
If you are a contributor, you can enable 'Record' to write your changes (like variations) to the server. You can enable 'Sync' if you want that all members remain on the position you have (so when you make a variation, other people with 'Sync' enabled will also be on that position.).
la_gear commented :
Thank you for the explanation!
aeonsleo commented :
When I hit record all my moves are lost.
Answered by TheAnonymousOne
sync is when other people are on, and you want them to see what you are doing as your doing it.
checkmate-master commented :
yes :) adding more characters
la_gear commented :
Thanks for the reply.

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