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Is there a way to become a "trusted" user to be able to contribute computing to the Cloud analysis?

Asked by OctopusKnight
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Personally, I'd like to contribute my computer power to the task of advancing the game of Atomic chess! It is frustrating to do analysis of a position and then not have the depth of that search saved. I'd like to share all the computing of positions I do so that everyone can instantly benefit and see the deep results and improve their play :)
Solal35 commented :
Hi, I posted a similar question but got no answer:
Hope this time we will have the solution!
One answer
Answered by grauchem
Hi! Try to perform your analysis in a game study mode. There you'll have a "record" button under the board. After completing analysis in a depth you want, click record twice (!not once! click until it turns green) and the results will be written on a server. Works for me.
P.S. Gotta do this for every move.
rombik97 commented :
Doesn't work for me... :( I think there must be a way to do this though, I'm not sure how.

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