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I can't start the computer-analysis anymore?!

Asked by Mollus
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I use the computer-analysis a lot to increase my knowledge. Now it is no longer possible for me to let my games be analysed, the button doesn't react anymore.
Is there a limitation? If so, how many can you order per day/week/...?
Skovy commented :
analysis has not worked now for two days
6 Answers
Answered by Boviced
Users are limited to 30 computer analyzed games per day.
Skovy commented :
Been unable to use it for 10 days
Answered by Mollus
There seems to be a limitation per day, yesterday I analysed really a lot of games and today the computer-analysis is available again!
Answered by daniel921126
So that's why!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had always wondered why!!!
Answered by MoveEleven
If you can infinitely analyze a single position why couldn't you analyze an infinite number of games?
Answered by Acerb8
what is this day, is it 24 hour period?
is it calendar day?
Answered by Acerb8
okay i found an apparent official statement

"you cannot analyze more than one game at a time"

"there is a daily limit on how many you analyze"

i analyze games everywhere
i know human

in the search lichess so you can search yourself

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