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Is this valid in Atomic chess?

Asked by YSNP
Tags atomic
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So I have been watching some Atomic chess games here and I noticed that you could explode the king even if you were in check or checkmate. is this actually valid?
2 Answers
Answered by prismschism
Yes, the very point & end goal of atomic chess is to explode the opponent's king.

Think of it this way: in [regular] chess, the goal is to checkmate the opponent because the king will be "captured" in the next move. This is why it is impossible to check (and therefore threaten capturing within a move) the opponent without providing guaranteed safety to your own king in that move -- since the king who falls first will ultimately lose.

Exploding the opponent's king while in check is like capturing in regular chess - and besides, how can your own king be in danger when the opponent is without a king to command its pieces? They have already lost the game/battle/war and will surrender.
Answered by FreePiece
That's funny, at the end of this game I thought I checkmated my opponent but then (under checkmate) the opponent exploded my king :-)

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