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how can I filter player based on number of game played?

Asked by shilalovly
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Please add a filter based on number of game played. most cheaters have game played under than 100. When I start a game and they join to it I have to abort the game and block them. so lichess gonna block me for too many game abortion. please help
Toadofsky commented :
When this restriction was added for tournaments, I commented that people playing in the lobby would also ask for this xenophobic policy...
One answer
Answered by Cagey
There is a simple solution for this. It would seem to make sense that players with provisional ratings be limited to playing others with provisional ratings until a certain threshold of games is reached. For example, twenty games. After that threshold is crossed, the provisional player is given a formal rating and access to the wider pool. If these new players are cheaters (and, many tend to be) they will weed each other out, so to speak.

It seems that the bright minds at Lichess are more concerned with banning people for having the temerity to exercise an option not to be cheated against then with promulgating sensible policies that would reduce the pairing of cheaters and/or sandbaggers with more established players.

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