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What's the diference between IM, NM, CM, LM, GM and FM?

Asked by qwertyuiopasd
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What's the diference between IM, NM, CM, LM, GM and FM?
MagnutsCarleson commented :
IM = International Master
NM = National Master
CM = Candidate Msater
FM = FIDE Master
WFM = Womans FIDE Master
WCM = Womans Candidate Master
WNM = Womans National Master
WIM = Womans International Master
WGM = Womans GrandMaster
LM = Lichess Master
GM = Grandmaster
nagalaksmi08 commented :
the nice create so good creater i will be the all of these IM NM CM FM WFM WCM WNM WIM WGM LM GM THANKS A LOT THANK YOU WHERE MUCH
ZicZhang commented :
NM = 2250-2350, IM = 2350-2500, GM = 2500-2750
henryliu2009 commented :
LM is life master lichens master is not an official master
20 Answers
Answered by Tournaments
IM = International Master
NM = National Master
CM = Candidate Msater
LM = Lichess Master (see
GM = Grandmaster
FM = FIDE Master

All except LM are titles achieved by ratings and/or norms (exceptional performance in a tournament).
Anonymous-1 commented :
What does FIDE stand for?
Tournaments commented :
Federation Internationale des Echecs
Corridor commented :
For non-Francophones, the International Chess Federation
jojoyxu commented :
i know a lot of french
jojoyxu commented :

sethtristan commented :
gm means greasy monkey
Answered by FM jposthuma
Here is a list of all the titles you will see on here in order of difficulty to attain:
Note that FIDE is the International Chess Federation. Not all over the board tournaments are FIDE rated, but all FIDE rated tournaments are over the board.

GM: Grandmaster, 2500 FIDE
IM: International Master, 2400 FIDE
FM: FIDE Master, 2300 FIDE
CM: Candidate Master, 2200 FIDE
NM: National Master, 2200 USCF/CFC/Other National Federation. (2200 USCF is roughly equal to 2100 FIDE)
LM: Lichess Master. I believe the current requirements are to be 2500 bullet, 2400 blitz, 2300 classical, or 2200+ in at least 3 variants. Something like that.

There are also Woman's FIDE titles (WGM, WIM, WFM, WCM) that are the same as the regular titles minus 200 FIDE points. For example, FM = 2300, WFM = 2100.
KingMeTaco666 commented :
FIDE has online arena that is rated and also hands out armature tittles..
johymaster commented :
Can men get "woman's titles", and can women get "normal titles"?
ChessQueen33 commented :
I don't think men can get a woman title but maybe it is possible if women get an normal title.
f4xel commented :
Women can and do get normal titles.

Women titles are extra reward for women only, in an attempt to lure more girls to this man dominated game. For example, as of august 2018, there were 1621 grandmaster, 36 of which were female.

As a result, women restricted titles are 200 elo points easier to get than their generic counterpart. It still is very hard for people of both gender to be even at the level of WCM (2000 elo, top five per thousand or so) and there are still relatively few women in chess top level (eg 287 WGM, about 1100 WFM versus 5500FM).

It's worth noting that Suasn Poglar (who btw never competed in a women only competition), once had serious pretentions to the world title. Her example and statistical studies suggest that women might not be weaker than men in chess they might just be much fewer (and absent from the top scene only as a statistical consequence).

Were women titles to fullfill their role, that is to close the gap betweenn male and female chess, they would cease to have a reason to exist.
omnify commented :
The Polgar sisters are significant to chess history. The youngest, Judit Polgar, earned the Grandmaster title at 15 years 4 months, the youngest at the time, breaking the previous record, held by Bobby Fischer. Judit is the only woman to qualify for a World Championship tournament. She was the first woman to break the 2700 elo barrier, with a peak rating of 2735. Judit has defeated eleven current or former world champions and a reigning number one world player. She has also defeated Magnus Carlsen, just to name one. Sofia is the youngest of the siblings, and also had a rating above 2500. An amazing family and story. Every chess player should know the history of the Polgars, absolutely fascinating.
Answered by Vladimir_Ikhonov
Although it is true that on lichess, "LM" means "Lichess Master", it is of interest to note that LM is an official title awarded by the USCF. It means "Life Master", and there are probably LMs on here that are life masters and not lichess masters.
Luetage commented :
USCF Life Master titles aren't shown on lichess, that's why LM will always be Lichess Master on here. The "lowest" official title is NM, and that's not even a FIDE title.
MeWantCookie commented :
If you go by technicality the lowest master is Lichess master. But it looks like the average NM is basically a Lichess master from what I have seen. You could say LM and NM are basically the same.
Mister2 commented :
it is lichess master. go to an lm's account, find a game, click the crosstable, hover your mouse over the bright lm letters and it will say lichess master
Mister2 commented :
well at least that happens to me
Answered by VictorMMagoP
I am a Venezuelan MN, can I validate this title in lichess to participate in the titling tournaments?
Answered by MagnutsCarleson
Maybe can lichess create titles for amatures? Like in Arena FIDE? To support amatures and beginners to improve their chess?
Answered by d4c4

GM = Garbage Master
IM = Imposter Master
FM = Fake Master
NM = Not Master
CM = Cheating Master

ChessQueen33 commented :
For everyone who did not know what all masters are: this is not real.
Daniel20100824fan commented :
THAT IS TO FUNNY!! That isn’t real.
Answered by Toadofsky
According to FIDE rules there are many differences (read the rules for details), and sometimes titles are awarded regardless of rating, as noted below:

The Award of Titles
Titles may be awarded for specific results in specific Championship events, or are awarded on achieving a rating as laid down in these regulations. Such titles are confirmed by the QC Chairman on advice from the FIDE Office. They are then awarded by FIDE.
Titles are also awarded based on applications with norms with a sufficient number of games. These titles shall be awarded by the General Assembly on recommendation by the QC that the candidate meets the requirements. The Presidential Board or Executive Board may award titles in clear cases only, after consultation with the QC.
Answered by mkkuhner
All FIDE titles can also be awarded directly based on performance in a specific tournament. For example, winning the World Championship or Women's World Championship automatically gives the GM title (this is how Tan Zhongyi became a GM). For the lower titles (CM and WCM) this is actually, in my experience, more common than earning the title by rating: all but one of the WCMs in my local community earned the title by winning international or continental girls' tournaments.

NM should not be listed with the other titles as it is a national title, not a FIDE title, and has different criteria depending on your nation. The same is true of LM (in the USCF sense of Life Master). It therefore can't be said to be above or below the FIDE titles.

If you have a FIDE title it will be documented on your FIDE rating page (google "Your Name FIDE rating" to find it) and then the problem reduces to proving your identity. A national title would be verified in the same way by your national federation.
Answered by ChessQueen33
A little question about this question... What is FIDE?
Answered by henryliu2009
no LM is a uscf title. in order to get it you have to have a rating of over 2200 for 300 rated uscf tournament games.
Answered by henryliu2009
GM=grand master
IM=international master
NM=national master
CM=candidate master
LM=lichess master
LM=Life master
FM=fide master
Answered by SuedeStonn
I saw on one database that John Nunn has the title of 'DM', anyone know what that is? (I've never seen it and aside from the 'master' part I can't even guess what it is.)
Doofenshmirtz commented :
It means he's a Dungeon Master.
acrendic commented :
His name is John Denis Martin Nunn, so I guess DM = Denis Martin?
ChessHydra commented :
it should be a dedicated master
Answered by Yersinia_Pestis
There is also a HGM title: honorary GM.
Maybe it is no longer in use to award a player this title.
In this case I could find some more info about the player, who's name I forgot, but I might find his name back.
He got this title 10-15 years after stopping with (rated) chess. He was a quick rising NM - IM. He stopped playing due to his professional work being to demanding.
Maybe this title was an enticement to get him back at the board. But at vein: during the interview he was asked repeatedly to play a game. No wood was touched.
Answered by Tonydilapieuvre
it's a strange question endeed but i beleive that there is no difference in chess between women and man so no there isn't such thing
KimJongUnFanclub commented :
well you're stupid and wrong
Answered by MagnutsCarleson
IM = International Master
NM = National Master
CM = Candidate Msater
FM = FIDE Master
LM = Lichess Master
GM = Grandmaster
WFM = Womans FIDE Master
WCM = Womans Candidate Master
WNM = Womans National Master
WIM = Womans International Master
WGM = Womans GrandMaster
ScorpianFire7 commented :
Someone already wrote that
Daniel20100824fan commented :
Someone already wrote it up there.
Answered by pianogirl2
They are different titles that you earn if you are a certain rating (2200 or more). (Sometimes I saw these people and I chose to change my game because I knew they would beat me.
Answered by PalarongPambansa2016
So, how can you claim if you are a FIDE Master?
kaynight commented :
give them your fide ID m8
Answered by hellSp4wn
roughly how many times stronger is an average GM than an average FM
SuedeStonn commented :
I think FM's are generally between 2100 and 2300, IM's between 2300 and 2500, and GM's from 2500 up (I've seen 2700+ players called SuperGM's in multiple forums or videos, though it isn't an actual title)... so by points you're looking at about a difference of 400, and imo a GM is at least twice as strong, if not 3-4 times as strong, as a FM. FM's are really good, but to attain GM level you pretty much have to know everything at least a little (like openings) and know some things to a 'T' (specific openings, end game theory, etc), be creative, etc etc etc... you know, what us mere mortals can't do. ;}
Answered by Maurois
how can you know i am or not a master so can you put me it thanks for your quick reply bybybybybybybybybybybybybybbybybybyby
ScorpianFire7 commented :
You are dumb
Answered by I0euros
It might stand as a little awkard question.
Is it possible to exist WLM with lower requirements?
ScorpianFire7 commented :
Your very weird
jojoyxu commented :
why do you say things like that, @ScorpianFire7 ?
im now gonna ban you!
jojoyxu commented :
to monotradors so stop!

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