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Lichess for older mobile Android v.4.2.1. Which old version download?

Hi. New version lichess mobile from Google Play don```'t install on my phone (ZTE v987) with Android 4.2.1 root. Which old version lichess mobile I must install in my phone for good work?

2 Answers
Answered by Phobos531
The latest lichess app version requires Kitkat (4.4) or newer to install.

4.12.1 should work fine as far as I'm aware.
Answered by O-O-O-O-O
Thanks. I tested:
lichess mobile 4.12.1 don`'t install with my Android 4.2.1
lichess mobile 4.12.0 don`'t install with my Android 4.2.1
lichess mobile 4.11.1 YES! This work with my android 4.2.1, but this version is old and buggy.
I download all version from as .apk and install from sdcard (I have root).

Can I use hack&trick for install new version (latest) lichess mobile on my older phone bypassing (avoid) check version in google market?

Phobos531 commented :
I believe not. You can't "trick the phone in this way", since the latest version apk was compiled in such a way that requires you to run Marshmallow (6.0) or higher. Specifically, as of now, the app uses SDK API 23 which equals to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. So no, you can't use the trick you proposed.

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