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Study/Analysis - delete previous moves

Asked by FM G0DZILLA
Tags study analysis annotation
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I would like a new feature - namely, I would like to be able to delete previous moves (giving me just a position and all moves played after). At the moment, I don't think there's a way I can do that. If I want to import an interesting endgame position from a real game, for example, I can't cut out the first 40 moves or so of the game that aren't of interest.
2 Answers
Answered by CuzImBetter
when you create a new chapter, click edit, and there you can edit your board to get whatever starting position you want.
FM G0DZILLA commented :
I understand, but I'd like to import the remaining moves from that position so that I don't have to enter them by hand. I don't think there's a way to do that at the moment.
Toadofsky commented :
Right, but studies were designed to allow multiple players to concurrently edit analyses and this sort of functionality would be difficult to do concurrently.
Answered by thibault
Right click on the move in the move list on right side; then "Delete from here".
FM G0DZILLA commented :
That deletes moves after - I'm looking to delete previous moves. Thank you for your response.

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