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How do you get a Zug Miracle trophy?

Asked by Toadofsky
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They look cool and I want one!
BobbyTactics commented :
Where is trophy? I don't see it in the link you posted. Can you paste image or a link to it here?
Avdelningsdirekteur commented :
I pressed useful, as it is a funny comment. Is that ok ?
denizthegm commented :
I like lichess very much thank you to all of lichess creaters and co owners
4 Answers
Answered by thibault
The Golden Zee.

That trophy is unique in the history of lichess, nobody other than ZugAddict will ever have it.

ZugAddict was streaming and for the last 2 hours he had been trying to defeat A.I. level 8 in a 1+0 game, without success.
I told him that if he successfully did it on stream, he'd get a unique trophy.
One hour later, he smashed Stockfish, and I honoured my promise.
ChessWithChris commented :
Here is the game:
Hellball commented :
And here is the video:
JustinZ commented :
Video has moved to
NM ZugAddict commented :
A shorter/more to the point version of this video may be found here:
pianogirl2 commented :
What is a zug miracle trophy??
Gymhgy commented :
I beat stockfish lvl 8 in bullet
Zxcfvbnmk commented :
You changed the starting position
Zxcfvbnmk commented :
You changed the starting position
InnateAluminum commented :

Because you set up a Fool's Mate. thibault probably meant Standard, not From Position.
Alihene2 commented :
Innate yes
Answered by Legambit
IM penguingim1 have won against stockfish too :

But the Golden Zee is unique...
AREA11 commented :
@ #2,
Kind of. He won on time.
ScorpianFire7 commented :
He won on time and he probaly wasn't streaming for 2 hours
aspirantemaestro05 commented : here it is
Answered by Hitarth7
You will only get the trophy when you are in a high rank of a particular type of game.
Answered by JOB--less
I would like one please.
Mister2 commented :
you need to beat stockfish 8
Mister2 commented :
you can't just say i want one and you'll get it
Hitarth7 commented :
Hey JOB--less, you have got this many votes down because you will not get anything by typing, you have to achieve.
nckqefhm commented :
Ok you get one just for asking
AChessPlayer2016 commented :
I don't know why would you ask that.
matecheck2006 commented :
You need to earn one, ZugAddict worked extremely hard for it and you're just begging for one without any work.
Alihene2 commented :
Hilarious answer
aspirantemaestro05 commented :,here i beat stockfish 8 in one minute game
matecheck2006 commented :
On time yes, not by skill

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