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Asked by cwc
Tags sockpuppeting multiple accounts ban
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First up: An awesome site. Thanks. Now to my question.

I would assume that 'sockpuppeting' is detected thru IP address. I log in from work, and I am encouraging another user to register and play. If you detect multiple accounts thru the IP address, wouldn't one or both of us be labelled a 'cheater'?
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Answered by Chess_Agent
You mean "using another identity"?

Look, as long as *you* aren't creating multiple accounts, it's fine; you're allowed one account.

You can encourage your friends to create an account as you please.

But don't cheat together! The 'cheater' labels are only assigned if you cheat. Regular rules apply.
cwc commented :
Thanks Chess_Agent for the reply.

I understand and respect the rules. Please rest assured.

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