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Are games stored forever?

Asked by Tournaments
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Games by Lichess games, and stored as accessible.
bruisers commented :
How to access my game that played a year ago?
ChessMaster121 commented :
You should go to your profile, then to "Games", and click on "Advanced search", and then adjust the "Date" variable.
6 Answers
Answered by thibault
As long as each player has played one move, a game is stored and available until the end of the universe. Maybe even longer if we find a way to survive it.
BlackJesus commented :
There might be some errors in the database then.
thibault commented :
Games with zero or one move are destroyed after 24h. That game was imported, and no moves were played.
Answered by claymore
I believe so. I'm sure thibault will correct me if I'm wrong.
Answered by tuskerking
They can be used for creating "Ordinary people's mega database" :D
Hasimir commented :
FICS has already done that:
xpluto commented :
Also it is available here:
Answered by Cwic
How the hell do you have enough storage for this freaky amount of games played everyday? Just saying, while i write this message, 5600 games are in play..
pixisox commented :
On a single old-school CD you can have a stack of paper 10 metres high, filled with small text. That is a lot of games on only 700MB. But I dont understand it either :-)
calboi85 commented :
think about it this way. On the most compact disc buy able by a licensed company for the right price computes at one trillion floating operations a second, or tflops for short. The number of games running on average is 5,000, each requiring at most three operations per second. This barely scratches the surface. A mediocerly fast computer has the power to do enough to keep the chess website running in calculations.Furthermore, the largest data storage is a 1 pebibyte, but the largest that lichess has is most likely on the range of terabytes; about the same as the new samsung note cell phone. The computing power necessary is essentially so minuscule it could never become even the most remote of problems. I'm new to chess, but I'm very computer 'savvy' Btw, 1 pebibyte is about 1E16?1E18 maybe of the amount mentioned in the previous comment of an 'old school' CD. :)
Answered by LM Rochade_Augsburg
In my profile I cannot go back to my first games. Am I doing anything wrong?
Answered by NoTimewasters
I doubt it. Thibault said earlier today that there is a limit of 400 games that can be accessed... although Clarkey had previously said there was no limit. Just to clarify :D
AChessPlayer2016 commented :
Stored doesn't mean accessable.

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