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I was flagged for cheating without cheating. What do I do?

Asked by neoromantic
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My Lichess rating stopped changing today. I had to wait a very long time for a game and then my opponent asked me why the ratings didn't change. I said I didn't know. Now I find I'm only paired with players who've been flagged for cheating and my rating is frozen. I logged out and looked at my profile page. It says "this player uses computer assistance." I don't use computer assistance except to analyze my games with Houdini after I play them and to prepare openings and stuff. I play 3 minute chess and have usually stayed around 1900 but lately dipped below it for a long time and was just back above it staying pretty steady... now this. It should be obvious from looking at my games that I don't cheat. What do I do?
neoromantic commented :
My Houdini is on a different computer. I use my laptop to play. There have been times I've been analyzing a game on my desktop while playing on my laptop but not so much recently. Could it be that? I don't think I was doing that when I was flagged. I don't want to make a new account if I can avoid it. I want to get this fixed.
alib5072 commented :
Iwas flagged for cheating without cheating.what do I do? I have fide rating (1807)
My english Is'nt good.
Please Re check and answer me
neoromantic commented :
I emailed support and messaged a mod. One of those things got my account reviewed and reopened. I can't say it will be the same for you, but if you haven't done these things I don't think it will likely be fixed by someone having to go find it in the forums.
13 Answers
Answered by neoromantic
I emailed support and they fixed it, telling me I got a "second chance." I still don't understand what I did wrong in the first place. I was just playing as normal and this happened. I'm happy I have my account back but I'm losing a lot of sleep tonight and I still feel persecuted.
Chess_Agent commented :
Don't lose sleep... if you don't cheat you should be clean for the rest of your time here.
neoromantic commented :
I certainly hope so, but I didn't cheat before and I got marked for it. That makes me afraid it will happen again and also could happen to anyone. You say say "if you don't cheat" as if you think I might be cheating. Where is that coming from? It makes no sense.
pixisox commented :
He says "... should be ..." not ".. are guaranteed to be ..." just as before you were flagged as cheating the first time.
- Anyways, what would be nice to know, is what actually happened, not just that it is now undone :-)
pixisox commented :
Ah I get it now, perhaps... - You are not allowed to be logged in twice at the same time?
neoromantic commented :
Well I would like to know what happened too, but it seems if they explain they cheating algorithm people could take advantage of it. So it is what it is.
Answered by IM teatime007
Since today, I don’t get anymore opponents !

And when I get one, it is written that this player is playing with the help of a computer.

And more strangely one of those players wrote to me that I’m playing with a computer too !!
( which is of course totally wrong. I’m IM on the board and I never played with the help of a computer in my life ! )

Please tell me how can i get again some ”normal” opponents !

Thanks very much !
cakemeisting commented :
I'd like to know also. If I going to have to send in proof of who i am though, they can forget it, i'll just go to
Answered by CrockedQueen
Ok, I'll admit my profile isn't the nicest in the world but I was really getting sick of the obvious cheating, not extending the same couresty I extend extra. Now all of a sudden I'm flagged as a cheater? That's EXACTLY what my profile was more or less talking about. I don't cheat and I will call players out when it's pretty obvious (<1300 player making a 6 move combination that a GM would have difficulty grasping). I do leave Lichess open for hours on end while I'm doing stuff on my PC and alot of times I'm playing back games using Arena. That's the only thing I can think of as how I got flagged. This really is ridiculous and I left for that very reason, nobody seemed to care about people using "assistance" now I'm the one being accused of using assistance? Talk about can't win for losing!!! Thanks
Answered by zhEkA200101
How do I prove that I am not using the computer help? I always play myself, and lost more than won.
Answered by VampirePrincess
I was marked as a cheater but I didnt use any chess engine. Can someone help me?
Poffel commented :
Send lichess support a message.
Answered by ChessSteel
about 6 hours ago, I lost a game vs my brother because of "cheating detected"
I didn t cheat and now i can t play tournaments anymore. I t s very annoying, because i know that i didn t do anything wrong. If you can do anything about it I would be very happy(or tell me what to do) PS: I KNOW THat my blitz and bullet ratings aren t good and my profile looks like I m cheating, but it s just because i have to think, i do stupid blunders when i play fast.

Thank you very much
Toadofsky commented :
I think that "cheat detected" message doesn't affect your account.
Answered by Doctor85
I am upset, I am no champion, but I am certainly not cheating. I got one account blocked, I was like what? But did not see way how to get it working again so I started another and ban again? Why? I am not using pc nor engine. I am using it just for analysis game afterwards never during the game. Can someone make my account working again? I know my games are up and down. I can be perfect in one and rubbish in another, but I am not cheating!
Answered by passwordless
you must be having the same chess id on in another computer with the houdini engine
neoromantic commented :
I do have to log in on that machine to get my games to put into Houdini. If that's what caused it I'm not sure how to get around it, maybe make sure I log out again before I open the engine but then it's annoying if it didn't copy right and I go to paste the last thing is still in the buffer. Not as bad as being accused of cheating I suppose.
Answered by smashthings
I'm in the same boat: Flagged for cheating, and don't have a clue why. Its not like my rating was high in anycase.
neoromantic commented :
It looks like your case is different. Mine said I was using a computer (which I wasn't.) Yours says you artificially increase or decrease rating, meaning playing against yourself on another account or sandbagging (losing on purpose.) Personally idk how anyone could tell legitimately playing tired or drunk from sandbagging. It was weird when I was relegated to playing against "cheaters" most of them were rated lower than me and didn't seem to be cheating. The whole thing was rather ludicrous. Obviously if they were cheating they were not good at it. Sorry. It was a really bad late night for me when I was accused of cheating and now I'm making your read through my ramblings before telling you anything useful. I think what fixed mine was either emailing support or messaging Clarkey who is a mod. You can try both of those things and maybe they'll fix the mistake and/or explain to you why they think you're sandbagging.
Answered by Acerb8
in my assessment,

just dont use assistance when you are on the battlefield, if youve conditioned your mind like Anand i congratulate, it would be an honor to be confused with a machine
however, dont worry about chess is unique in that it gives a "human" imprint on the games

no matter how you do it is your identity

the art of chess is different than playing, only true meistros can pull that off,( fischer incidently believed that to be conniving when world title is at stake how dare you produce a game verbatim in order to stack the deck so to speak, as a team sport this is of course the way to go
but individual contest just be you its fine. however, there is no talk of that meaty part of chess, engine smedgin if that gives you the edge, by all means...

there was a time the clubs held honary nights where the games were reproduced
for the joy of its members, this is all about training.
but to beguile and act otherwise is just plain rude, i love chess it brings my emotions, the idea of having assured play meaning in competition this is obviously unfair, we love the idea, i like looking for those games
the problem is you fall into the wrong understanding of chess and what it means to play another soul this, of course, done without consent

you cant just play everyone like that we believe in the soul of chess.. simple as that
every program has its pale representation of a chess player, after all it is mere machine
as long as we are presented with the option we are fine with it, but that is consent.

otherwise i dont care what you do, just make sure i am aware,

as you "imprint" yourself over the board, its like seeing your fingerprint, a machine is identical to the last, it has an imprint the same as the program
i am not here to play something souless i really dont want to "feel " like i played this guy before, too many times, how many identites does this guy have
your like oh i remember the machine line.... that makes no sense when you play, for lets say there are 5 guys you play every day
in another time you are playing other people but in reality they are wearing disguises but you have that nagging feeling you played before
and you realize all those games were by the same guys
its the same thing the imprint is unmistakable for there is no soul
however, there is a market for such its just not my cup of tea
i "play" chess

again, talent is fine with me, its the lying i dont get
chess is funny, it is a game of survival, i just dont like being murdered, sandbagging multiple accounts just to harrass
just once you spring engine play on someone unsuspecting look at the harm youve done
its all about consent most people of whom want the notoriety of being a chess player, of whom are using, assistance
or otherwise misrepresenting the obvious use of an advantage is just a nasty thing to do.

so, if i wanna play "that guy"
Answered by xchuko
Hey guys, I looking for help to the same problem

Can some admin check my account I just feel bad to play in a good mood but others tell me a liar just for having that caption, that is no the reason some players because loose report your acount, this is sad because I like a lot this plataform.

I just will wait to play until this problem is fixed because makes me feel bad with players that I don't know and they think that I really play with cheat.

Answered by shephc01
Please unblock my user. Courtesy to ask me if I am cheating would have been nice.

If its because I play this game on my smartphone, home and work PC - and at some point i may have concurrent sessions, then I could have done with some notice.
Answered by elsakka
my cat has ratting over2300 but my dog its ratting less than900 but the cat play no more with dog why?
Edlizzy commented :
Ode ni e.
Cat and Dog noni

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