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who is considered a friend? the one i follow or the one that follows me?

Asked by alex_beneath
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i noticed one can write notes on people's profiles and it says that only he and his friends can see the note written by him

if i write a note on a profile, is it going to be visible to the players i follow, to the players that follow me or both?

i know the reasonable thing to assume is that a friend is the user i choose to follow but that would mean that i can be someone's friend without him being my friend, is this the case?

finlip commented :
If someone only accepts challenges from friends, it means that he accepts challenges only from those he follows.
One answer
Answered by blackzombie
If I am following a person that isn't following me, he/she shows up as "friend" in "online friends"

Players that are following me never show up as "friend" if I'm not following them.

Then I would say friend = someone you are following

However I'm not complete sure who count as friends.

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