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can you rejoin an elite tournament if you withdraw with less than 2200 rating?

Asked by alex_beneath
Tags elite rejoin withdraw tournament rating
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before joining you are lets say 2230, you join, lose 10 games in a row and now you are 2150 and you withdraw frustrated, can you rejoin?

3 Answers
Answered by lego00
No, you can't. I had this exact problem today.
alex_beneath commented :
ok even though i dont see you having any rating above 2200 for at least the past 2 weeks
Answered by Toadofsky
I don't think the tournament currently allows that.
alex_beneath commented :
well i think i read somewhere on lichess that you can rejoin, but cant find it now so im looking for a solid response to this :)
Answered by Tangelo777
Yes you can rejoin. You go to lobby, win some games, get back to 2200 rating, come back to tournament. The unfortunate part is if your rating drops further, you cannot join low rated tournaments either.
alex_beneath commented :
i mean rejoin with <2200 rating, without having to push your rating >2200 again from games in the lobby

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