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something vanished

Asked by CrazYHorse_8
Tags study
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when i open my study all inside vanished ,only the menu on the top of the screen and the chess board appear without any pieces , i can't click on my name to go in my profile but if i click on lichess i go to the home page.
I can't put my sudy public because all vanished, but here is the link

but the sudy (name CrazYHorse_8's study) is visible in my private study lobby and i see the 4 chapters in the description.

and my other study are well and work fine only this one bug

ty in advance
2 Answers
Answered by CrazYHorse_8
ty for assistance problem is solved
Answered by bonafrect
The same appened to me today. The link for the disappared study is

ty in advance

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