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Full screen board ?

Asked by LordCrusader
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Hello, i would like to see a full screen board here, i just like big boards. My screen is not so big tho so it would be very nice if at least it could be full screen.
I must also add that you guys are doing great job here with Lichess, for me and my friends this is the best online chess site ! Keep it up !
One answer
Answered by Chess_Agent
So far, you can only make change the board size. You can't make it 'fullscreen'.

You can change the board size by clicking the eye (located at the top right of the page) and dragging the slider (above the board colors) to the right. Doing so will increase your board size.

You can play with your browser in full screen (and again increasing the board size with the slider).

Hope this helps!
LordCrusader commented :
Yeah this helps a lot, thanks for this i didn't know about this, it's big enough now :D
moronzevich commented :
Is there still a way to resize the board? Sorry I see no "eye".
handsomesensei commented :
me too man
I have to do 20 letters

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