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No threefold repetition?

Asked by MasterCassim
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I played this game today and wondered why after move 49 the game did not end in a draw as the exact same position was on the board the third time and I have my preference such that I always claim a threefold repetition. Is there anything I missed?
Chess_Agent commented :
Could you post a link to the game please?
MasterCassim commented :
sry, somehow missed to post it :D
2 Answers
Answered by Toadofsky
A threefold repetition of position occurred after White's 45th, 47th, and 49th moves, so either player could have claimed a draw:

White could claim a repetition draw by offering a draw before playing his 49th move.
Black could claim a repetition draw by offering a draw after White's 49th move.
Answered by Chess_Agent
Because it was only two moves, I think.
MasterCassim commented :
Why? There is the same position on the board after my move 45 / 47 & 49

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