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Asked by goldmamal
Tags chess chess skill improve ur game improve
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How can i improve my chess skill?
2 Answers
Answered by istvanb
Read about theory, study the games of better players (not neccessarily the grandmasters though). As you are under 1000, I suggest to learn basics of chess here

Request a computer analysis of your games, it will reveal your blunders so you can avoid them in the future.

Play as much as you can against slightly stronger opponents.
goldmamal commented :
I know chess basics but i dont know Tactics i am so sorryyyy
istvanb commented :
There is a major difference in knowing the moves and knowing chess basics. You should get a bit on an openning, tactics and endgame knowledge. Study those, there are plenty of videos on youtube for beginners as well.

Jrobi on youtube is no longer active but he has awesome tutorial videos. Search for jrobichess
ascer commented :
You should watch Chess-Network videos on youtube.
Answered by Toadofsky
Perhaps some players can advise how they use the Video library to improve:

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