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Time out results in draw

Asked by CarsonRanger
Tags time control draw
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My opponent ran out of time and I had 0:04 seconds remaining. The result registered as a 1/2-1/2 draw. Why?

[Edited title from "Time out results in stalemate" to "Time out results in draw"]
6 Answers
Answered by Cynosure
A draw may occur for a number of reasons, such as threefold repetition (the exact same position repeated three times), or the 50 move rule (a draw may occur if no capture has been made or no pawn moved in 50 moves).

A draw may also occur when one side wins on time, but has insufficient material to mate. A good example is here: the position is not stalemated as white's king has multiple moves available to him. White can possibly still win the position by promoting his pawn to a rook or queen and checkmating black. However, black with just a knight lacks the material to checkmate. Despite this, if black won on time, then a draw would be recorded.
Cynosure commented :
This game: is the only game of yours I could find where you drew and had three pawns on the board. In this game, it looks like threefold repetition was the cause - as from here: the same position occurs three times (1. Kd1 Qg1+, 2. Kc2 Qc5+).
xXxl337swag69xXx commented :
Apologies if it is bad form to comment on such an old thread, but this is still the first one to show up when searching for the Time out/draw issue.

In the example you provided, Black can still win:
abbasmufaddal commented :
And what would be the logic for declaring a game a draw despite winning on time? A win should be awarded regardless of the position the "winning" person is in. Isn't that the whole point of a timed game?? The opposing player took all the time allotted to him or her, but was still unable to win outright, hence he or she loses.

Would be great to see an explanation for this scenario. thanks.
damabi commented :
My opponent, white, wins on time but has insufficient material to mate. Why isn't this a draw?
syq commented :
Thanks for the puzzle... if black promotes for an N and concedes the R, the potential losing position for black (as ridiculous as it is) is Ka8, Na7 vs. Kc7, then Bb7#.
Answered by Hellball
I cannot tell for sure without looking at the game, but it is very much possible for such a game to be drawn.

When your opponent runs out of time but the other player does not have enough material to mate with, the game is registered as a draw.

So your game was _not_ drawn due to stalemate, but due to a lack of sufficient material on your part.
CarsonRanger commented :
I had 3 pawns left ...........
Happy0 commented :
CarsonRanger, it would be easier for us to work out what's going on if you link us to the game you're talking about. Do you know how to do that?
Answered by lausey
What about this game? He ran out of time and there is sufficient material, but why was it a draw?
Zapakh commented :
Same rule: White timed out, and Black has insufficient material.
furrykef commented :
The rule is, you cannot lose on time if your opponent has insufficient material to mate. White lost on time and black did not have sufficient material to mate.
Answered by kelleyparker
One of my friends had such a game here today:
Answered by janekosa
Hey guys,
Sorry for digging out an old thread like this, but seems like this is related.

Can someone tell me how come it was NOT a draw? I only had the King and a Bishop, my oponent timed out (with huge material advantage) and it counted as my win. Why?
Answered by M0r1
Lichess awards a win if your opponent runs out of time and you could still win with worst possible play of your opponent. Only if you are not able to win with worst possible play of your opponent, it would be a draw.

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