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Can I save positions somewhere and practice them by playing the computer from them?

Asked by lordprivateer82
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I would like to save positions from Silman's endgame study and practice them on lichess.

I can't figure out how to do this with the "study" feature.

Is it possible?

Thanks... and have a great day guys
One answer
Answered by duropo
It is possible here is one way to do it.

1. Setup the position
2. Create a study and create chapter using FEN
3. Practice the position with friend or engine using the position

a. Tools/Board editor
b. Setup your position
c. Once the setup is complete press Analysis board
d. Copy the FEN
e. Press the menu

f. Press Host a study
g. Change the study name to Silman for example then press start
h. Select the FEN and paste the FEN you copy in (d) then press create chapter.
Your study is now created.

i. To practice, select the chapter then press menu
j. Press continue from here and select play with machine or play with a friend

Sample study on ending:
lordprivateer82 commented :
That is awesome man.

Thank you so much.

I will make the Silman positions available once I've done them...

Kind regards

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