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How does Lichess communicate with Stockfish/Chess engines? [Programming]

Asked by rdosman01
Tags programming coding scripting lua api lichess
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I've been writing a chess game in Lua that allows two players to face each other. I am able to use Http and send responces via Http (POST and GET requests). I've looked all over the lichess api and I can't seem to find a way that lichess does this. The reason i am asking is to one day be able to add player vs computer, analysis, and check for cheating players. Any idea? Thanks for any suggestions!
One answer
Answered by Toadofsky
I'd suggest looking at other 3rd-party software such as python-chess to get a solid grasp of the Universal Chess Interface (UCI):

If you're interested in adding officially sanctioned non-Stockfish computer opponents on lichess, we share a common interest! The current API doesn't allow for it, but perhaps a future API might?
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Just want to once again declare Toadofsky to be a good toad. He has reached heights far greater than even homo sapiens.

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