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Lance5500 most accomplished player on lichess?

Asked by crazyhouse1
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This guy is in the top 100 for every variant on lichess as well as being a marathon winner, and currently has trophies displaced into the second row.
Toadofsky commented :
What is your question?
2 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
Accomplishments aren't measured by trophies, but the qualities and impact of the player.

I hereby nominate Thibault, the developer of Lichess, as the most accomplished player, for having made chess free for all.
LM Lance5500 commented :
I do absolutely agree with Unihedron.

Thibault is the best!
V1chess commented :
Lance iis definetely on the top 10 list, along with Unihedron.
Answered by chaos_anarchy
2016 Autumn added to his collection.
ScorpianFire7 commented :
Why does that matter?

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