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Can lichess add more stat about best win and worst loss in player profile?

Asked by llSJ
Tags rating opponent highest profile lowest best worst
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In player profiles, can lichess show
-highest/lowest rating of that player? and
-highest rating opponent they had won and/or lowest rating opponent they had lost?
(not by seeking from their long graph)
I see this in some sport player profiles. I think it will be good if lichess can do.

Dolg commented :
If you would inplement that I prefer to limit it for example for the last 500 games.
Patrizsche commented :
I think best win is more appropriate than worst loss.
static_shadow commented :
I like the idea of highest/lowest rating being displayed. The biggest problem I would imagine would be for which variant should that rating deviation be displayed, and for how long a period of time should that be calculated from? For instance, my all-time low classical rating was somwhere around 1200, and my all-time high rating was well over 1600. But I have hovered around 1500 for the majority of the last 6 months. Displaying a low of 1200 and a high of 1600 could indicate to opponents that my 1500 rating is inflated, yet I'm currently a fairly solid 1500 on this site so they would be misled. As for highest-rated opponent defeated, I don't much see the point. Any little dog can catch a bone when the bigger dog is having a bad day. It doesn't give much indication about anything relevant.
EG-Gamer55 commented :
I'd like the idea of implementing the best win, and the highest/lowest rating, but I don't think it is a good idea to implement lowest rating opponent they had lost for a lot of reasons, I might disconnect vs a 800 rated opponent and have that displayed as a worst lose, that is one of the reasons
static_shadow commented :
Of course the same logic applies for best win if a 2700 player disconnects against you. Is that really reflecting your 'best'?
EG-Gamer55 commented :
That's right, I never thought about that, rethinking, I thought about only counting the games finished by resign/time/win, but even that has flaws, some high-rated players may plug off their internet when their opponent has a mate in 1...
One answer
Answered by ProgramFOX
This is now possible: at the sidebar of your profile, you can click any of the variants and you'll get a stats page, including best win, worst loss, highest rating, and lowest rating.

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