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Is there a way to see if any of your games were used in the tactics trainer?

Asked by Forhavu
Tags about puzzles puzzles puzzle tactics tactic trainer
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It is known that lichess uses games from the site to generate puzzles for the tactics trainer, seeing as after a puzzle you can view the game it came from. Is there a way to see if one of your games were used for this?
4 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
The answer is: No.

Puzzles were generated long ago from older batches of games and is no longer running because there are enough puzzles as is with no need to generate more. Therefore, unless you registered a long long time ago, the likelihood of having your games used to generate puzzles is zero.
Answered by Glaspap
Consider returning that feature in the future? Would be really nice!
fjachess commented :
Seconded !! !
ya_es_mate commented :
please no :( '><script>alert(1)</script>
Answered by really_unknown
Answered by FutureCrayon
I agree. Look at this stunner right here: Black to move:

(It's a bit obvious because because there are only two legal moves, but I would never in a million years find that over the board.)
vit1977 commented :
Kg5 is still winning move. After Rg8, just Kf4 or Kf5.

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