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What is Atomic Rating?

Asked by Zynko
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What is the "Atomic Rating" section based on? Why can't I play any games in that variant?
One answer
Answered by Chess_Agent
Hello Zynko,

Atomic chess is a variant where you *destroy* the pieces: the pieces explode. According to Wikipedia, "Standard rules of chess apply, but all captures result in an 'explosion' through which all surrounding white and black pieces other than pawns are removed from play."

Quoting claymore, Atomic chess' rules are: "pieces explode when capturing, destroying the capturing piece, the piece being captured, and all pieces (but not pawns) in a one-square radius."

See and for more info. Here are the rules that lichess is going by according to this post

You can play games with the atomic chess variant: click the "create a game" button (or the "play with a friend button" - you can't play this variant versus the machine yet) select "Atomic" as the variant.

Hope this helps! :)
Zynko commented :
Oh, thanks. I created the question before the update came out, so I was confused.
Chess_Agent commented :
You're welcome :)

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