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How to fix sound issues on Windows / Firefox?

Asked by thibault
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Sounds stop working after a moment, and Windows reports alarming memory usage. What's going on?
One answer
Answered by thibault
[EDIT] the problem is solved, now.

If you use Firefox on Windows, you are probably affected by a Windows bug. There is nothing lichess can do about it, but you can try some workarounds.

Symptoms: Huge memory consumption, and after some time sounds stop working.

How to fix:

- Use another OS or browser. If you're stuck on Windows, try Chrome, it's free:


- Disable Windows sound enhancements:
Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound. Double click on Speakers, go to the Sound Blaster tab and check Disable Enhancements. Or with pictures:
Then restart firefox.


- Try this Windows hotfix: Let us know if it works for you!


Finally, if you're stuck with no sound at all on your computer, try restarting the Audiosrv service.

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