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What is the LM title?

Asked by thibault
Tags lm title master lichess master faq
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Some players have the "LM" title. For instance:

What does it mean, and how does one obtain it?
mntal36 commented :
mozhno lichess mastera u menya v pulyu 2400
You can lisches the master in my bullet 2400
6 Answers
Answered by thibault
It means "Lichess Master". This honorific title is unofficial and only exists on lichess.

We award it to highly notable players who are good citizens of lichess, at our discretion. You don't get the LM title, the LM title gets to you.
If you qualify, you will get a message from us regarding it and the choice to accept or decline.
androidmarvin commented :
It would be very nice if there were some fixed criteria, so that if one fulfils the criteria, one will automatically be notified. It would also be nice if the criteria were public, so that one would have something to aspire to.
Life-form commented :
Well, now I know. Before I read these answers, I was beginning to think LM stood for either "Lucky Master", "Likely Master", or maybe even "Lunatic Master". :)
jkaRUSSIA commented :
But how you can qualify to that?
I won weekly bullet 1 or 2 week ago, i did won a lot of tournaments but doesnt get it.
Can you explain pls.
Thanks you.
Answered by thchozen0ne
I agree that there needs to be set, specific criteria needed to obtain the title that is public knowledge. If you meet the criteria, then you should automatically get the title.
Answered by thchozen0ne
I thought that you had to be 2200 in bullet, blitz, and classical (non-provisional) to become an LM.
Answered by thchozen0ne
In US Chess, LM means "Life Master". I can see how this can be confusing.
gmnotyet commented :
I disagree with that. There is a Life Master title but I have never seen such a titled player use LM to describe the accomplishment. Life Master is simply a type of National Master, NM, which people use. You see NM Times and NM King for example. No one goes by LM Times, for example.
Answered by patzerchessplayer
I heard something about no more LM titles being handed out anymore due to lack of staff, but I see that a few more players have gotten it. Does this mean that they will be handed out again?
patzerchessplayer commented :
Meant to ask that as a question.
blackzombie commented :
Patzer, yes it seems to have been reintroduced, but requirements are shrouded in mystery.
Answered by olgaandrew
when I hover over LM it says "lichess master". But this is also used on

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