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Training - Mobile App - Non-synch when temporarily disconnected form internet

Asked by C1ockwatcher
Tags puzzle training mobile app
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I often use the mobile app to access the training material during my commute. Along the route I go through a couple of short tunnels which causes me to lose connectivity for few minutes (2 to 3 minutes each). I have noticed that if I "solve" the puzzle during one of these interruptions, the app is unable to verify I have solved the puzzle as it times out on its attempt to synch with the server. Is there a way to allow the app to re-attempt a synch? Also, I have noticed that on another app (i.e. it appears to hold a couple of puzzles in memory and so as not to encounter the same issue. Is it possible to do something similar with the Lichess app?
One answer
Answered by xiaodaxia2009
Probably because downloads the position AND the solution on your phone, so even if your're not connected you can still know if you did it correct and Lichess dosen't do that. I don't have a mobile version, so that's just a guess.

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