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Why am I unable to download my games?

Asked by bruce66
Tags download
Activity Viewed 1936 times, last updated
Whenever I click the link it says "404 page not found".
3 Answers
Answered by alexfox
What kind of downloads are you speaking about?
There's a confirmed bug about PDF files but other ways should be working.

Answered by bruce66
bro..... i can't download the games wich i hv lost or won ...there's a link to download all games at once..but if we want to download some particular games(eg:games won or games lost ) its not possible
Answered by Chessatom
To download PGN for an individual game:

1. Open your game and go to the analysis board.
2. At the bottom, there are a few tabs. Click the one that says "FEN & PGN".
3. Under that tab, click "download annotated" or "download raw".
bruce66 commented :
bro. a'm not talking abt an individual game..i want download the games in bulk

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