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Feedback regarding "This player uses chess computer assistance" of another player

Asked by Toadofsky
Tags computer
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How/where can I provide feedback regarding a specific player if I believe they have likely incorrectly been labeled?
zigzwang commented :
player is sand bagging or using comp assittance
DlshadGardy commented :
Good evening I saw yuo take refrence Iuse programs in my playe which Iam playe why yuo take this refrence please filed because I didnot use programs in my playe which Iam playe thanks kindly respond.
Rookie613 commented :
Would it be possible to clearly flag on someone's profile before you start playing them whether they follow or are being followed by computer assisted players? At present you have to go through each of their followers/leaders to find out.
Crowey commented :
I get a player sign with motor help, and do not use a motor

how can I solve that?
One answer
Answered by thibault
biqshaq007 commented :
hello i will report a player i think he cheating hes Name is oliverK0308
hcanali commented :
Please I need help. My profile is showing the message "this player uses computer help". After that my ranking does not increase any more. Please help me retrieve my profile. Thank you.
NorthernBeserker commented :
@hcanali see the link above. It probably shows that because you either cheated, or it is a mistake.

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