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How exactly does the exlosion work for "atomic" chess?

Asked by avonrepuS
Tags atomic
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From my experience I know the rule that every piece around the captured piece explodes(Example: if we have the basic position and I capture the pawn on f7, the pawns at g7, f7 and e7, the night on g8, the bishop on f8 and the king on e8 are destroyed). But it seems that the atomic version here has other rules.
Example: This is my first atomic match here and I would like to know, why 5. dxe4 pawn d5 doesn't get destroyed or 7. Bxe6 the pawn f7 doesn't explode. Can somebody explain this to me?
2 Answers
Answered by Unihedron
"... all captures causes an "explosion" of which all surrounding pieces (Not pawns!)"
Answered by RealKool
Yes it is true, the adjacent pawns are excluded from explosions.

Have a look on the rule here.
avonrepuS commented :
Ok, ty for the help. Will be interesting to get new thoughts on this without exploding pawns ^^

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