Speed: Bullet to Correspondence  Rating: 1000 to 2500

Sicilian Defense: Alapin VariationBETA


    Black should only play Nc6 once white's pawn center has been chipped away. Note that while this move develops a piece to a normal square, it does not prevent white from playing d4 and taking over the center.

The Alapin Sicilian avoids the main lines of the Sicilian, and tries to build a strong center with c3-d4. If black plays too slowly, white will simply control the majority of the center with the e4 and d4 pawns. White could then develop their pieces comfortably behind this pawn mass, while black is slowly squeezed for space. However, in the main lines (an immediate Nf6 or d5), black prevents white from having an uncontested center by immediately striking back. As opposed to most Sicilian variations, black can gain a lead in development that ensures their fair chances against a potentially over-extended white pawn center.