The Baryphonies

New semester starts, let’s not be sad,
We can turn all the stuff around.
Getting trapped indoors is not as bad
As falling to the ground.

You took me out of the past,
You helped me through the mist.
How to learn Python really fast —
Let’s put that on the list.

Is the Resurgence of Chess over
After all these months of hype?
Do you still like playing the Rover
Or something of its type?

Something never changes, indeed,
Like the atomic game in progress;
Forget drama like the AWC seeds
Or old players quitting chess...

White pushed c-pawn in a solid line
Which is what I usually do;
White’s position is completely fine
But black’s pretty safe, too.

When we get into the middlegame,
It’s hard to decide a plan;
The board is quiet without a flame
So why not push pawns, man?

In gamic a pawn is taken away,
In atomar the king is strong.
Let’s keep our heads up and OK—
Show them where we belong.

Am I shady? Am I dumb?
Am I just an “attention seeker”?
Am I weird? Am I numb?
Am I that infamous “information leaker”?

If things don’t go well, I’ll read the old “logs”,
Things are far better for me now.
I need to consult the Secret Blocks
to beat Wolfram EP somehow.

You brought me into chess after “that day”,
But then I just can’t turn back.
Old memories will eventually fade away,
I believe everything’s back on track...

We are in a middlegame, nothing’s going on
And no clear plans can be seen.
Remember whenever you move a pawn
It can never return to where it’s been.

But pawn pushing is safe in atomic normally,
As long as you don’t let other pieces in.
It can be called a “waiting move” formally,
Limiting white’s plans with the queen.

"Don't care what some people say",
it's easier said than done.
The "big match" is within one day,
I believe I can win one...

In the near future, this series will continue,
Hope it’ll never converge.
If atomar can make its way to the main website,
Atomic will surely resurge!
I hope the community is free from drama,
the post-quarantine era can begin,
I obviously lost that “important match” —
But at least I got a win!

Chess was a distraction at first,
it becomes a hobby now.
I might need to remind myself
To avoid addiction somehow.
(jk, I hardly ever played after work started)

I hope the world can find peace,
I hope things are back on track;
As for chess, atomic and atomar —
“Just believe in the Steph Attack”.
(This is what Liam calls Na3 in atomic and also standard chess, but I personally won’t name openings after myself. You can call it "Yokke attack")

The position is equal and solid,
it’s hard to find a plan.
Everyone likes peaceful openings,
unless you’re a Two Knights fan.

So how to continue as white?
Play random pawn moves and wait.
My game plan is always doing nothing,
till my opponent hangs mate.

One of your “rules” states,
“When in doubt, play h3.”
It works in atomic too,
for players better than me.

Not everyone is a turbator,
not everything is a scam.
(These are discord memes)
Regardless of what “they” say,
(FB trolls)
I am still who I am.

Is black lost in atomic?
Is there still some hope?
Can everybody unite to get
things back up the slope?

It’s good to have atomar,
even though I was eliminated.
If you don’t care about your king,
it’s easy to get mated.

The temperature changes rapidly,
thank you for your care;
Carlsen vs Nepo is coming soon,
I’m sure you are aware!

On the board we have a strange position,
white doesn’t seem to have threats.
But black still decides to trade pieces —
already no games in the stats.

I don’t like studying atomic theories,
That’s probably why I’m not great.
Playing atomic is just for fun,
don’t you like the explosion mate?

My detective skill needs improving,
I can’t figure out all the trolls —
I also like trolling sometimes,
doing weird stuff for the lols.

But I have supportive friends like you,
and the community can still grow.
Hopefully after settling down this winter,
we can meet again in the snow!

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