2020 RKWC pairings

Hello everyone!

The entries have closed, and the seedings have been calculated. It's time for the 2020 RKWC to start!

Just like in 2019, we ended up with 34 participants. Since the double elimination bracket starts with 32 players, two playoff matches have to be completed to determine which players get to play in the main bracket. This means that whoever loses in the playoffs is directly eliminated and does not get a second chance in the losers bracket of the main tournament.

The format for the playoffs is just like that of any other match: 10 games of 3+2, and whilst either player can stop the match as soon as a decisive advantage (5.5 points) has been reached but it is also possible to fully complete the 10-game-series. If a match ends in 5-5, then pairs of two 3+2 games will be played until the score is unequal after an even number of games. In case the score reaches 8-8 the same procedure is repeated with the time format changing to 1+0.

The two playoff matches are:

@UOdas (31st seed) - @shuvashish76 (34th seed)
@TJMorley (32nd seed) - @NamedTacoLord (33rd seed)

The winner of UOdas - shuvashish76 is paired against second seed @Holstentor in the first round of the double elimination bracket, whilst the winner of TJMorley - NamedTacoLord faces top seed @RoyalManiac.

Both playoff matches have to be completed by July 5 at the latest. For the first round matches from the main bracket, the deadline is July 12 - though it is of course possible and encouraged to arrange your match and play ahead of the tournament schedule.

The first round pairings from the double elimination bracket are listed below. Each players' seeding is shown behind their username.

@iblunderAlot124 (3) - @RKasaurus_Rex (30)
@sachmaty8 (4) - @Kristal (29)
@simplesimpson03 (5) - @Dangerouskid (28)
@Unicorn99 (6) - @The_Human_Paradox (27)
@sriramprasad (7) - @RacingKingsPlayer (26)
@mmo_mikhail (8) - @VladislavAlikin (25)
@Opening_Player (9) - @Hysterix (24)
@CyberShredder (10) - @Chijss (23)
@untalented7862 (11) - @BayorMiller (22)
@ilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaares (12) - @vlad_00 (21)
@TCF_Namelecc (13) - @byggarhamstern (20)
@RacingKingsQueen (14) - @paulinho98 (19)
@Zeus17R (15) - @RealProPanda (18)
@TheYuriy (16) - @chessmaster512 (17)

As soon as you read this, please follow these steps:
- contact your opponent and offer at least three match times (saying you're available a whole day counts for two)
- if you agreed on a match time, please post it in the match time announcements thread
- play your match
- post the result, and a link to the first game in the results thread
- wait for your next pairing to be announced (you're only out of the RKWC if you have lost TWO matches, not immediately after your first defeat)

All rules can be viewed on but if there are any questions you can't find an answer to, don't hesitate to contact @RoyalManiac or the backup-TD, @Natso.

The bracket for the 2020 RKWC can be found here:

Finally, I would like to wish all participants the best of luck! I hope you enjoy the competition this year! :-)

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