Crazyhouse Nations Cup 2021 Chronicle

In preparation for the upcoming ZH Nations League, we will be having on second ZH Nations friendly
The first one was alot of fun: It was tightly contested by 10 Nations, it was even more fierce among the Top 4 teams with Germany winning it at the end with 324 points.After a one-man Finnish squad was put in the position of One-man, we are expecting Team Finland to bounce back on this tournament, more is also expected from Gekkenhuis as it seemed their players were not totally available. we would also like to see more coutries Participate, mostly countries like Australia, Canada, France and more.
Alot of excitement is really expected from this battle!
Always feel free to write me for ideas, questions,etc.

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The ZH Nations League team battles will be starting on Sunday, Apr 04, 03:00 GMT.

The battles are scheduled to happen every Sunday with the time +6 hours from the time of the previous tournament. This awkward time is to accommodate more countries(this timing can be changed).
The points from each battle will be accumulated, and only the top 4 countries after points accumulation of the past Sundays will participate on the last Sunday.
The tournament winner on the last Sunday will be the ZH Nation champion of the month and will have to defend it in the coming month.

For more information or suggestions. please write OFBC_Nigeria

The last ZH Team battle friendly before the League will be coming up on Sunday, Mar 21, 21:00 GMT.

In the 2nd battle, we have seen the top 4 retaining the same position in the same order as the 1st battle, with Team Germany still showing some Prowess!
With a better turn up, I think it will be more competitive at the top!

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