CWC Philosophy

The primary aim of this tournament is to promote zh and to make it, in one way or another, have some sort of "official" coverage. The tournament is driven by my love for minimalism and hatred for materialism. I also don't like bureaucracies, so I always strive to obey the spirit of the rules rather than their words. As one can see, there aren't that many strict rules and I don't like cluttering up the tournament with useless ideas that take away from the tournament's "glory."

I have always striven to be as democratic as possible as one can see from the forum history, especially in the first year of the tournament but also in the second year (for example in the choice of the double-elimination format). At the same time, I do not completely support a rule by pure democracy because expertise counts for something.

I have dedicated a lot of time, energy, and money to this game in general and this championship in particular, so I don't want to see it fail. To encourage dialogue and consensus among players, I have set up a special thread for discussion of rules, so any concerns or suggestions for rule changes can be submitted and discussed in this thread: . Rule changes mid-competition will only take place with an overwhelming consensus. Again, "expert opinion" will count for something. I understand this term is vague and not fully satisfactory at times, but it's what, in my opinion, has to be used.

The rules implemented as a result of these forum discussions will be recorded here:

The purpose of this thread is to draw a line and insist on mutual respect among players; I also want to commit to a greater transparency with regards to the implementation of rules and any decisions taken. Sometimes discussions were undertaken privately or on the House Discord, and there have been other times when I was unable to answer messages for several weeks. In retrospect, it would have been beneficial to have been clearer about some matters, so I will endeavor to apply this "CWC philosophy" as much as is possible.

Again, the aim is to raise the prestige of this beautiful game, and to that goal I am entirely committed.

Thank you

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