League Suggestions

Post your league suggestions ITT (for the next CWC, for the Candidates, for the finals, etc.)

The discussion will take place only ITT so please try to stay focused on one topic until we can form a consensus. After a consensus is formed, the final rule will be added in a "History of Rules" thread, with the relevant post numbers. Of course old rules can be re-discussed given a sufficient period of time.

The decisions will be made both democratically and with the help of expert opinion.

First topic: Whether or not we should have any Candidate wild cards at all

In normal chess there is one wildcard. I think discretion should be given to organisers to choose up to 2 wildcards (one extra in case of someone coming up).

TT said one wildcard in the other thread.

Can we also make suggestions to be added to your list and discussed later? My suggestions for future discussion:

1) In case of withdrawals at any stage, the tournament director can replace with a player of his choice who did not make the competition originally OR with a player who proves himself in a special tournament (to which eliminated players may participate) OR create a match between the latter and some other player eliminated by the withdrawing player.

2) Engines are allowed in breaks between games in a single match but engines are strictly forbidden during match play. If playing one game as black, checking one's performance in the previous game with the engine one should be prohibited.

3) In case a player is removed or withdraws this should be announced in a special thread along with any choice of replacement. Replacements should be at organiser's discretion but at later stages should involve a tough competition to deserve the spot.

4) Breaks within matches should not last more than 20 minutes every ten games.

5) Games in the CWC should be played rated, not casual.

I think one wildcard is a good thing, but with some limits:
1) it has to be given before the knockout tournament starts (this also implies that it can't be given to someone playing in the tournament: for example in this CWC I would not give a wildcard to gnejs even if he changed his mind). (just a random example)
2) I would give the wildcard especially to players who did very well in the previous candidates (like opper in this case), or to a strong player who is too busy/can't play the tournament for some reason (Yasser for example). Ofc there could be exeptions, but maybe those should be discussed by the community first.
these are the first things that came to my mind...

@okei Good points. What to do with withdrawals will definitely make for a longgg discussion.

@the-lone-wolf Yeah, but then we get into "Why JK and not Yasser?" right?

Further points:

a) Should a wild card be given to ANY player?

b) Should it be given to only some players?

c) Should it be given to a narrow group of players fulfilling certain criteria / a criterion?

For me, as a spectator, I don't really mind if the TD wants to add as many wildcards as he wants, chosen by his own judgment. In the end the more top players playing the better. I mean who doesn't want someone like Yasser to be added to the current lineup.

There was actually an idea discussed on discord voice about having a 8+8 or 6+6, where one half of the players are in the candidates by invite (pretty much like a wildcard) and the rest have to earn their place (by a double knockout or special tournament, etc...). Some people liked it, but it's probably too different to the previous CWCs, to be tried in the next one.


"For me, as...the current lineup."

OK, but doubt many people will agree with you, including me :P.

"There was actually...the next one."

Hmm interesting idea. I wouldn't discount it solely based on the fact that it's too different from previous CWCs.

I think one wildcard should be given before and one later if someone comes up (think firefly, Bugzilla, jkiller suddenly returning to lichess, starting to play a lot and free to play)

At least Jkiller has showed that he is one of the best. Firefly and Bugzilla can not live up on old merits. Lets face the facts crazyhouse has seen a large improvement over the last years. I am not so sure that they are up there.