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  1.  Crazyhouse World Championship
  2. Forum
  3. Congratulations to JannLee

Let's all congratulate JannLee, the winner of the inaugral CWC!

Good job on TT for being the second best of the rest :)!

Brilliant job! Thanks for all the great videos too.

In addition, let's all thank FischyVishy for making it possible, and all the candidates for making it happen.

Congratulations to JannLee! Also thanks to TwelveTeen for a great match and some great games!
The final was really close. We saw an insane comeback from JannLee in the second set of games and then some crazy defense in the last set.
The whole event was so much fun and I enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next year and the next championship!
Last the shoutout to FishyVishy who organized the whole thing and made it possible!

Congrats Jann and well played TT! This was a great inaugural event & hopefully can be improved next year :)

Congrats to the two finalists JannLee & TwelveTeen!

Massive thanks to fischyvishy for all the hard work gone into organising the tournament. I really enjoyed being a part of it.

So fun to watch, very intense... congrats Jann!

@FischyVishy @JannLee the official 2017 Crazyhouse World Champion profile trophy will be awarded by tomorrow morning UTC!

Congratulations to Justin Tan the Crazyhouse Champion! Also thanks to TwelveTeen and all the other participants. And we have to acknowledge the amazing work done by FischyVishy that made this event happen.

Thank you to all the supporters of crazyhouse! Really humbled to see how many have turned up to watch the matches live and follow this event during the year.

Absolutely amazing play from TwelveTeen - I felt we had equal chances from start to finish and that this was simply the result on the day.

A huge acknowledgement for FischyVishy who has had the initiative and persistence to execute the organisation of this event throughout and beyond the first half of 2017. I hope that the community agrees that FischyVishy should retain the right to organise this event next year.

To pay my respect to FischyVishy's dedication, I have chosen to donate my prize back to him. It is entirely at his discretion on the use of these funds, but I am quietly hoping this might seed the first $100 for next year's prize fund and encourage more community members to financially support this great event.

It's been wonderful to participate in the championship and a dream come true to see the game thriving like it is today!

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