TCWC Scheduling

Due to busy schedules of both UC and me, we have scheduled the final for the 31st of January, at 21:00 CET
Unfortunately the match had to be rescheduled, new date will be Monday the 5th at 21:00 CET
I'll cover the Grand Finals match live today on twitch! Catch us on the homepage! Possibly with guest hosts!?

Good luck VO and Unholy!
Another year in the books!

Thanks to everyone: our players, spectators, tournament directors @oruro and @PepsiNGaming, and our guest hosts this year @Aryan_Rahimpour_2004 @Troubadix_18 @Ukranian_BishOps & @dejori

This was truly a team effort! And it will live for eternity on youtube (check out this playlist for all the match coverage from this year:

Please share anywhere and everywhere. In your groups, on social media, etc. ツ

Thanks and take care. See you in September. But hopefully sooner ツ

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