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Game analysis - Beautiful mate in 4 #3

thought i have it in three seconds then i realized other promotion possibilities lol

by comecomecomecomecome
Game analysis - opening trap [3 checks] #2

The trap is nice, but i didnt know there are good lines for white after 1.d4

by comecomecomecomecome
General Chess Discussion - GingerGM - Drunk Sing'along #4

next year eurovision song contest

by comecomecomecomecome
Game analysis - Horde - Can You Turn White's Pawns into Bishops of the Same Color? #6

very nice done:) artistic

by comecomecomecomecome
General Chess Discussion - Need some help on one opening line (morra smith gambit) #15

well you should believe the pros like john bartholomew, greg shahade etc. they never accept the morra in their games Transposing into an alapin or even just pushing the pawn to d3 are their weapon…

by comecomecomecomecome
Lichess Feedback - Placement Chess Varient #10

i soo hope that S-chess gets implemented in this site

by comecomecomecomecome
Lichess Feedback - Microsoft buying Github #7

clippy lol :D

by comecomecomecomecome
Lichess Feedback - Is it likely lichess will support fairy piece variants #4

yes adding seirawan chess would be cool!!!

by comecomecomecomecome