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General Chess Discussion - Crazyhouse league on slack #1

yes you read it correctly! A league for crazyhouse players and it can be reality. Everything is ready, the only thing that is missing are more players! If youre a crazyhouse player and want t…

by Zher0
Lichess Feedback - The new feature is just ugly #1

Dear lichess, I'm sorry to say this, but in my opinion the way the moves are highlighted now in the study as well as in a game, is just totally ugly, why has this been done? It's a step in the wrong …

by Zher0
Lichess Feedback - "take a win" option with disconnection problems #28

I couldn't agree more with Alex and Timid. And I think the problem can be solved by coding it proper eg. if you hit the x and close the page there could be a warning like there is if you want to dele…

by Zher0
General Chess Discussion - Chess myths #17

Here is one: Bishops are better than Knights! I think it's clearly a myth and from what I know its not correct. It highly depends on the position... what do you think?

by Zher0
General Chess Discussion - Practice endgame? #7

Silman's complete endgame course has good endgame positions, another book i can recommend is 101 endgame tips by steve giddins. cheers

by Zher0
Lichess Feedback - Bug report #1

Yesterday I've been training an endgame position with a friend. We started from a certain position where Black was to play. After we finished it, we wanted to play a rematch with opposite colours, bu…

by Zher0
Lichess Feedback - [Missing Feature] #7

1st of all, I don't care about who receives donations or not. I'm interested in chess and improving the page, not money, get that right, thank you. Furthermore it wouldn't mean they have to stream and…

by Zher0
Lichess Feedback - [Missing Feature] #5

@Toadofsky, no I actually don't and idk if everyone does... For example I have no clue when bikfoot is streaming. TricksOnly changed his schedule recently and I keep missing his streams. KC somet…

by Zher0
Lichess Feedback - [Missing Feature] #1

Hi lichessers, recently I had the idea that it would be absolutely great if there'd be a schedule for streamers (similar to the one that exists for the tournaments). Where they can announce the times…

by Zher0
Lichess Feedback - Improvement for Zen Mode #7

This might not be really related but, I think indicating that someone plays blindfolded would also be very nice

by Zher0