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General Chess Discussion - Name of opening disappeared from game notation#6

I got the official answer: "The opening names are disabled at the moment"

General Chess Discussion - Name of opening disappeared from game notation#1

Hello, Is it intentional change that name of opening disappeared from the spot above the notation? Or somehow it was disabled? But I couldn't find the option to show it again. Now to check what's v…

General Chess Discussion - "Scachs d'Amor", The oldest chess game ever recorded. #1

Just wanted to share interesting facts about "Scachs d'Amor", it was the oldest chess game ever recorded (1475). Or at least the oldest we know so far. It's translated to "The Chess Game of Love" and …

General Chess Discussion - What about trash talk ? What is ok ? What is not ok?#17

I ignore these kind of guys... but in my case usually the game finishes in one of two ways: 1. I try to find the most complicated lines, impossible to calculate - where even with 1-2 pieces down posi…

General Chess Discussion - How many more years will chess survive?#10

People can cheat if they want to. But that isn't beneficial for them in brain developing or fun terms. Maybe could be beneficial in winning some low rated tournaments for money prizes - but there are …

Lichess Feedback - Timeline display#1

Can "creating new chapter" be visible in the timeline? I create new study every day but I try to keep it in nice order so I create thematic chapters inside the study (for example all games of Akiba Ru…

IM Eric Rosen Fan Club - Team Battle#5

Done. Hope I am not gonna forget ;)

Lichess Feedback - Creating Chapters in Studies doesn't appear in the timeline, I think it would be good if it does#1

So I decided to make a youtube channel, using lichess. And it offers so wonderful tools. I love everything, great job guys! I even figured out how to set up my videos visible under the Study - very in…