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Schachklub Uetersen - Turniere - Modus#1

Nach dem letzten Turnier kam die Frage auf, welchen Modus wir spielen wollen und ob es nicht besser wäre eine längere Zeitkontrolle zu spielen. Vorschläge dazu meinerseits wäre es mit 15 + 0 zu spiel…

Lichess Feedback - Deleting tournament#9

Hi also have the same problem accidentially created team tournament even though i wanted to create one for one club. Therefore please delete this one: Than…

General Chess Discussion - How do I know what I need to learn?#8

I would suggest that you read "chess for tigers" by Simon Webb. There this will be answered and also this is one of the best chess books out there. It does not teach you any ideas/tactics but has more…