Will scientists find the purpose of existence in future through science ?

Why would such purpose exist? What could be its purpose of existence?

The purpose of the creation of the universe was not by accident but all of this was created for more creation. Without the universe no Earth, without earth nothing you know could have been created. The beauty in the complex creation is so astounding and hard to grasp that one just sits in awe and wonder. The universe was created to create you, and everyone, and everything that is. The realization of being in such a vast universe gives rise to an understanding of purpose. The creation of you gets you thinking about why you were created because the universe is infinite and the fact that we are the only forms of life seen so far generates a feeling of complete purpose. Many people overlook how large the universe is and how small the world is and how small our problems actually are on a macro scale. Everything has a purpose because the universe declares it in the creation of our lives.

We (or some other sentient ants in the Universe, including some big ones) create our own purposes, and they are the only ones.

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@DishRag ,
So many words, but it still doesn't say whether the scientists will be able to figure it out or not using science in future.

Yes or No. What's your opinon?

What you said doesn't answer my original question.

The purpose of existence is to have pleasure , that have many forms : happiness , laughter , love , sex etc.

No. As a person of science myself (I am a physicist), I can tell you that science really does not care about purpose of existence. It cares about the mechanism of existence and understanding and modeling this mechanism is what betters our lives by propelling our technology and medicine ahead. In general, the universe in its whole is inherently meaningless and that is not a bad thing. It's a canvas to be painted by humans with all our notions of what matters and what doesn't. Objectively, though, all is the same - energy stored in different forms.

Your answer answers only some earthlings existence. Its doesn't answer why such a big universe has to exist for that.