Will scientists find the purpose of existence in future through science ?

The answer you want is no. Science will not define everything.

I never said i wanted a no.

So trying to find the mechanism of universe on smaller and smaller scale, wouldn't it naturally overtime result in figuring out working of universe. So how that can be a no.

@Breaking-Limits Yes, figuring out how the universe works. That is precisely what I said would happen - figuring out the mechanism of the universe, both on the smallest and largest of scales. Where the difference comes in, though, between my answer and your interpretation of it as a 'yes' is the following question: The universe existed long before humans came along, approximately 13.7 billion years, and will most likely exist long after humans are gone. Now, tell me, where does the notion of meaning fit in the time-frame of the existence of the universe?
In a small temporal pocket of whatever tens of thousands of years we've had this notion of meaning for! It is much like society was before Copernicus. We thought that the whole solar system revolved around the Earth. Well, there came Copernicus and said, "Look here, boys, we're not the center of the Solar System. We're not even close". Of course, guy got decimated by the authorities at the time.
Now, we are a bit more advanced than we were at Copernicus' time but we still struggle with the same question of our place in the universe and what is the meaning of it. It is up to us, though, to be able to see beyond the naive notion that there is a purpose to objective existence, let alone a purpose comprehensible by humans! A carbon-based lifeform whose total lifespan amounts to less than a blink of the lifespan of the Universe up till now if it was shrunk to a year. I invite you to consider where do humans stand with respect to objective existence, and then compare where does the notion of meaning stand to that.

'Will they find why everything exist or not ?

What do you think ? Share your thoughts'

This is not a place to discuss such questions. That's the thought I want to share.

Why not?
I believe this is an off-topic discussion forum.
it clearly states underneath the forum "Everything that isn't related to chess"
I am pretty confident that my question follows that rule.

There is no purpose in the way our universe is functioning.
Our universe is part of a multiverse and it is only one among an infinity of other possible universes, each with different laws of physics and different combination of characteristics.
Universes not having characteristics allowing life cannot be witnessed by an observer. This is the overwhelming majority. Most universes are deadly and cannot be documented.
Universes having characteristics allowing life can be witnessed by an observer. This is the exceptional case. but the only one that can be documented. Everything looks fine tuned for life. Everything looks wonderful. It can easily lead to the illusion of a purpose.
But it is only the result of luck. If there is an observer, he must inevitably find himself within a universe that allows him to exist, an universe with a very specific set of laws of physics. But there should be no source of wonder in this.


Let me see if I can illustrate what transpired here. It seems as though you got up, perhaps desired to play chess, so I imagine you waddled over to your computer and logged into lichess. But chose to NOT play a game of chess but RATHER you deliberately wandered into the "offtopic" section of lichess, read some stuff that challenged your 'sense of self' or perhaps your religious views, and now you're all PISSED OFF at the world and blaming your lack of understanding pertaining to your own existence on other people for merely raising the question of concern. My suggestion to you @Nona_Fry is to keep in mind that this is an "OFF TOPIC" discussion panel....hence the term "OFF TOPIC!!!"

It seems like more and more people simply don't understand that we can both play chess and have intellectual conversation all at the same time.....RIDICULOUS!!!

@Breaking-Limits That is not what I meant. Like a factory is not the right placae to have a romantic dinner, or an airplane to make a campfire, a chess forum is not a place to discuss such a question.

Like a factory with poster that says have romantic dinner here (if the factory allowed it) or an Airplane with poster that says feel free to make campfire( if the airline authority allowed it), a chess forum with poster that says off topic questions is welcomed (if the chess forum allowed it) is a suitable place to discuss any kind of off-topic questions.