What Is The Point Of Life? What Is The Point Of Chess?

@KR-V I have found for chess alone to be boring since the low rating starts to get to you. The key to making chess fun is to hang out with friends. Find a local chess and/or board game store or club, and you can find a bunch of friendly people to play and talk with.

If you would like somewhere on lichess to go, consider Kool And The Gang, a very great team with lots of friendly people. You can find the link on my profile.

Life is like a pencil; if it becomes pointless, you must stop at nothing to find a sharpener.
I hope I found your sharpener ;)

There is actually a point in life, God sent us to earth and as our job as christians, we should spread the word of God to other people and spread the good news.

The only sensible answer to the question was given by Monty Python. If it was given.

The point of life... I am not sure, but I try to enjoy it.

The point of chess... well, chess is a a good way to waste your time, without wasting your money.

Of course you can try other things, but I like chess because it is a deep game, with fixed rules, very cheap to play and popular across the world. And it is luck-free, so the best always wins.

@Nexus1200 Don't forget to cast your net for men. We are to be fishers of men. I have found that the Bible makes poor bait. Sometimes you get a nibble or two, but what if we cast our nets on the other side of the boat?

Perhaps no one really lives without Jesus. There are some who are aware of His presence, and there are those who deny it.

Those who live with Jesus will keep the words of the bible. "If you love Me, keep my commandments."