What Is The Point Of Life? What Is The Point Of Chess?

All I do is play chess. Chess is my only hobby, but recently I'm finding no fun in chess. Colours are beginning to fade, food is losing its taste. I spend all day wasting my time. I used to distract myself from the pointlessness of life, but now even chess has left me. Everything has left me - my friends, my hope, and my abilty to enjoy life. What is the purpose of playing chess. 64 squares, 2 Kings, I've heard this story before. Every game begins to feel the same, every blunder confirms that I am dumb.

Chess is just a board game bro.

Life is a game too. The Earth is the board, we are the pieces, but who are the players making the moves? Who is the opponent? Who is forcing us to exist in this cruel world?

At the end of the game the pieces go back into the box - we too will end up in coffins, realising we spent our lives playing a game we didn't understand.

Tears fill my eyes as I write this. The realisation that life is pointless overwhelms all my senses.

Someone tell me, why are here?

Well, I'm here for same reasons…
Why do we play chess ?
What is our purpose ?
You can move pieces on board, but what is moving us ?
Are people like pieces on chess board ?

Maybe if you join a club or chess tournament in real life, you realize that this virtual chess is more than a virtual game!
Well, for me it's when I trained enough for an open tournament.

and, maybe you need another complementary hobby, for example;
Learning a new language (I use one called Duolingo, in the mobile app, because it's fun)
or try to paint,draw ,or learn a music instrument is another good hobby.

(I would not advise "get a girlfriend, dude"
Because relationships are not like a magic tool that will give you happiness forever.
They are always like a Russian roulette, you never know if it will give you prolonged happiness or give you headaches.)

greetings and hope you feeling better.

The only thing worse than wasting days and days playing on-line chess is wasting time and lots of money joining some dumb organization like USCF (which you have to do to play in tournaments in the US) for the dubious privilege of sitting across the board for five hours watching some dude with dandruff pick his nose.

So, KR-V: it could be worse.

Everyone thinks that the "best moves" are the most spectacular. I think that there's fun to be had in laying traps and making the odd mistake. We're all just humans, you don't get better at chess, you just make less mistakes. Noticing that you made a blunder or a mistake is just the first step to correcting it!

Same for real life, I make mistake after mistake some days, but its the steps that you take to change that, that make you who you are. Some things come easy to some people, and some people like me need to bash my head against a "wall" before I can make any kind of progress. Just keep at it, who knows how close you are to your next skill boost!!

Anyone on this thread is free to DM me to talk anytime they need it!

Ack! I was typing a very good response... but my mom and dad said to go to dinner. Whyyyy?

Anyways, you can't answer the first question. How can anyone do it?
So therefore, 'cheetos' is as good an answer as any (though I think 'ice cream' is better.)

Seriously, though, the best ways to deal with this are:
#1: Ask an expert, and follow directions. It's obvious, and they know all the stuff.
#2: Eat ice cream.
#3: An option I typed down but somehow forgot already.

Hmmm, I think you should do #1. [But maybe bring some ice cream along with you for the trip.]
(If my answer wasn't satisfactory; i'll answer your last question: 'someone tell me, why are we here?'.
It's because of your parents!)

Why play chess? There are many reasons:

1. For fun.
2. To beat all your friends at school.
3. Your parents say if you play a game, you'll get a peanut butter sandwich!
4. You are a spy and you have to play 437 games to glitch the server so you can get into a hacker's profile, and eventually, computer.
5. You are the character 'D'. One day A got a coffee covered hand that was like a floating ball of water. His co-worker, B, smashed into a very realistic picture of his lab and became unconscious. A made a contraption that made sure his hand couldn't touch anything, but he got so tired he fell asleep. Meanwhile, you, 'D' tell C to get the "president's" coffee at B's lab, because C, a spy-in-training, accidentally let E (who is the other spy-in-training) steal the coffee. Later D (you) tells E instructions involving a chicken. When C finally makes it to B's lab, E is ready and says 'BOK BOK BOK' continuously and noisily. It wakes up A and B. B is annoying at A for his lab, A is annoyed at E for waking him up, E is still BOKing, and C is super stressed out. In order to prevent any unfortunate consequences from happening, you distract everyone by suddenly coming out of a bush and showing them your chess skills by playing a - you know what - a chess game.

-Edit. B is not 'annoying' at A, he is 'annoyed'. Oops.

What Is The Point Of Life?
We are here to learn how to be better people. Simple but difficult.
We are our own opponent. We move the pieces, we make the choices.
God is good but He is also just.

What Is The Point Of Chess?
As in life, achieving a goal.
We draw plans, choose paths. We decide which pieces deserve our attention.
And the result is a consequence of these actions.
In chess the game ends in the checkmate.

But in life you can make new plans, change the way, reassess what is important.
Anyway this is just my opinion.