What is the criteria used to close an Off Topic Discussion?

Some admin closed the "Is Trump finally going down or do we have to suffer much longer?"
May I ask why?

Wrong, @Asclepiius, you don't know or you don't read or both so maybe you want to try again:

"Off-Topic Discussion
Everything that isn't related to chess"

Maybe you should go to play chess and leave the mature talk to grownups...

Lichess staff don't follow a set of regulations, criteria, or anything else like that.
They aren't held to any standard, or if they are, the standard is extremely low.

Also, you won't receive a straight answer and this thread will be closed as well, without any explanation.

„Everything“ does not mean everything is tolerated. The admins decide, they are in charge.

Basically this is a chess server. They should focus on that and not on wasting time on the moderation of political threads.

You can discuss at without moderation.

Cm @Sarg0n

The admins decide, obvious, but they must have some CRITERIA about it. That is what I'm asking. Who provides the guidelines, where can we study them so that our posts are within such rules.

Basicaclly this a chess server, we all know that, but in the forum it says:

"Off-Topic Discussion
Everything that isn't related to chess"

Why add an off-topic discussion where everything that isn't related to chess can be discussed if they are going to close it arbitrarily since there are no guidelines that tell you what "everything" means and does not mean.

You are right, they should focus on the chess forums and leave the "off-topic" discussions alone.

There were over 6 thousand comments in the closed forum.

Nobody insulted anyone, no foul words were used, no offensive language, it has a healthy interchange of opinions from members of different countries, about a topic that affects the entires world. it was a political forum well inside the guidelines of "off-topic discussions".

In my opinion, your explanation explains nothing...